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New Multi Sport Dynasty League

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Hey guys,

I’m starting up a second multi sport league, Sports Addicts Dynasty 2 (SAD2).

The first multi sport league was started one year ago and is by far themost fun league I’ve ever been in. I’ve even minimized the number of football dynasties I’m in to make room for this second multi sport league.

Here are the key points followed by a link to the rules:

League fee - $60 using leaguesafe

5 sports – NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA

Initial draft included players from all 5 sports

Pools run in yahoo with league home being the league forum

Weekly lineup settings – Allowed for lower activity if things are busy

2 devy players per sport

This is a dynasty league not a one year league

Drafting (slow draft) asap to be ready for the MLB season as soon as we can, and to incorporate the Masters some how.

If you are interested in joining let me know,

We are looking for owners who are active during the draft and pull their weight throughout the year.


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