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Drop Seraphin For Mullens?

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I picked up Seraphin in place of Pek on sunday, and while he's doing OK, he's not throwing up 20/14 like Mullens did last night. Granted, Mullens isn't going to be doing that every night but its caught my eye.

Plus side;

a) Mullens plays 1 more game than Seraphin next week

b )Nene while injured, still has a possibility of playing each day, where-as Mullens is the full fledged bobcats starter..


a) Seraphin will probably put up a more consistant stat line assuming he continues to get minutes

Do I pull the trigger and just do it?

Also; I picked up Kawhi the other day too... what the hell happened last night? bad game? or should I cut my loses and look for a replacement as well?

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