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Advice Needed For Deleting A Yahoo League

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I've been looking around the Y! site for help about deleting/postponing my hockey league without much success, so wondering if anyone here knows.

I'd rather not make my league draft at some stage before the originally proposed season start date, as it might be a pure mock draft, as well as being unfair due to different attitudes towards the lockout.

So I'd planned on deleting the league and just re-activating it once we had some good news and inviting those people again. I'm balking at the finish line though, as I'm not 100% sure whether "deleting" a league also gets rid of all league history - which I really don't want to do.

Can anyone confirm if I'd lose everything to do with the League?



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I'm not sure what happens when you delete your league, but you should be able to change your draft style to offline. This way you can keep the league but not have to worry about the draft until the league starts back up. Then you can switch it back to online and pick a date.

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