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So here is the deal. This is my second year in fantasy football and I am playing with some buddies from high school. Last year it was semi competitive but this year it picked up very quickly and I am scared I am going to get left in the dust. My team has not done well yet but I want to know if it is too early to panic. Any suggestions on what I could do to improve?

Here is my team

QBs:RGIII(starter), Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson

RBs: Green-Ellis(starter), LeSean McCoy(starter), Bradshaw, Peyton Hillis, Alfred Morris

WRs: Colston(starter), Garcon(starter), Julio Jones(starter), Cobb, and Ogletree

TEs: Martellus Bennet(starter), Jason Witten

K: Garrett Hartley

DEF: Bears(starter), Patriots

Any suggestions on who I should start, pick up, trade or general thoughts on my team? I have marked who I plan on starting but it is up in the air. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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You team is fairly well rounded, but I am a touch concerned about your RBs. Because you have both RGIII and Eli, I would recommend trading one of them away for a RB. Somebody has to be hurting at QB.

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