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.5 Ppr Flex - Brown/bradshaw Sjax/amendola

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Concerns with each one. Please rank these players in order. Looking for more consistency rather upside. WHIR!

Danny Amendola - only one big game vs Washington defense

Steven Jackson - groin + Seattle run D + dRich

Andre Brown - time share + fluke the past two weeks vs weak run defenses?

Ahmad Bradshaw - will start but how healthy is neck? + time share

Deangelo Williams - JStew back + hasn't done anything impressive this season even with Stewart out.

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I would go:

Jackson, Amendola, Brown, Williams, Bradshaw. Jackson and Amendola are at the top because they both start. I believe Brown at some point during the game will take over and Bradshaw will become a change-of-pace back. Williams is inconsistent and with Stewart, Tolbert, and Newton, his carries will be very limited. I am very low on Bradshaw because I believe Brown is the better RB and I don't trust his health.

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