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Should I Trade Spezza And Sequin For Crosby And Kunitz?

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Hey guys...I need your help.

This is my team:

C - B. Richards, J. Spezza and J. Tavares

W - A. Ovechkin, C. Giroux and T. Seguin

D - K. Timonen, M. Del Zotto, B. Seabrook and I. White

G - A. Niemi and C. Schneider

Bench - J. Vorachek, M. Gaborik, R. Vrbata and goalie Craig Anderson.

Now, I know I have a solid team. I know Spezza had a great year last year. Plus Seguin had a plus-34 last year with 67 points in only his second season. But I WONDER if Spezza will be consistent or if he will get hurt and if I can simply get the same production as Seguin from another Winger from my bench.

Vorachek will be playing on Giroux's line, who is amazing. If I got Kunitz, he will be with either Sid or Malkin. Gaborik is great when healthy. And I know I have Vrbata but even Jeoffrey Lupul is a Free Agent in my league. I feel like it may be worth it to get the AMAZING Crosby and HOPE that one of the other Wingers (Vorachek, Kunitz, Vrbata, Gaborik or Lupul) can possibly match Seguin's talent.

So...should I trade Spezza and Seguin for Crosby and Kunitz??? I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!

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