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Monster Trade Just Got Accepted. Did My Team Get Better?

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Ok I just got my trader offer accepted in my money league

I will be giving Sproles, Ridley, Vjax, Romo and getting back Brady + Lynch. Person im trading with had michael bush as RB2 so needed upgrade in lots of positions.

I know it sounds like im giving a lot but in most weeks i wasn't even able to use ridley nor sporles since im in a 2 RB league and no flex spot. I lost some depth but i still have 1 back up rb or if DMC turns into CJ2k then R. Bush will be my RB2. and now i only have Britt as my back up WR.

My starting squad will now be


Wr1: Marshall

Wr2: Jordy

Wr3: Colston

Rb1: DMC

Rb2: Lynch

TE: Graham

Bn: R. Bush, Kenny Britt, Celek

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You win. Brady can singlehandly win fantasy league games by himself and McCoy is in stud mode week after week without fail.

But your work isn't done. Where are your other 3 roster spots? I count only 10 players, plus a K and DEF, that makes 12. Who are your other 3 players or do you have open slots?

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oh sorry, my kicker right now is chicago kicker robbie gould but im putting a claim in for legatron. My def is seattle. Yea, my main goal to consolidate my players. It will help my fantasy life alot not finicking with my line up each week with which RB will blow up this week. Really got sick of my bench outscoring my starters. Im currently 1-3 in my league and hoping this trade pays dividends. Its a blessing having depth but its a bigger pain not knowing which one goes off in any givin week.

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