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New Startup Baseball League

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*first thing if you don't have the time or the ability to committ to this league,straight-up it is not for you.

Free League

14 teams

h2h points

salary and contracts involved

thtis league will require a owner to have at least 3 espn teams in this league, maybe 4,(the 4th would be for the FYP TEAM which wouldn't require a owner to have but would be better off if they did.

the league will be run on proboards ,the draft for the A team will begin as soon as we fill the league,but we aren't in a big hurry,all owners will be handpicked from other owners.

all salaries and contracts and the whole league really is setup in a spreadsheet universe,for easy access to the the whole league for adds ,salaries, player rater.

If you have interest in this type or league and have the time to committ to the league and your 4 teams,then please email me

3 spots left

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