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Free 30 team salary dynasty league with cash prizes

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The rosters are based on real MLB rosters ( starting in the minor leagues, if your MLB affiliate drafts someone, you have that players rights) so ALL minor leaguers are in play and get traded frequently. Some of the details:

30 teams

Roto scoring

League is run through Proboards & CBS

Arbitration system for contracts ( players are owned for the first 6 years of MLB career)

Free agency after 6 ( The league has been around for 10 years, so there are good free agents available every year)

Cash prizes for playoff teams ( not a lot of $$, but considering it is a completely free league still pretty cool that our Admin puts it up)

Available teams are : Twins, Indians, White Sox, Phillies, Cubs & Astros

If you are interested come take a look around and fill out an application here:

The league rules can be a little bit hard to understand by reading them, but I promise they are not hard to get. If you have any questions about them feel free to email me at

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The available teams have a little bit of everything. Some of the roster highlights:

Twins: Great prospect base to build from including:

H. Kendrick, L. Cain, S. Diamond, Z. McAllister, W. Peralta, J. Paxton, M. Head, D. Vogelbach, E. Rosario, M. Sano, X. Boegarts, J. Soler, B. Buxton

Cubs: Chance to compete this year with some work, solid MLB stars including:

D. Wright, J. Hamilton, A. Ethier, M. Latos, C. Hamels,J. Shields, J. Parker

White Sox: Valuable trade chips to rebuild with including:

Prince Fielder, A. De Aza, A. Ramirez, S. Choo, J. Helickson, J. Zimmermann

Astros: Decent mix of MLB talent and prospects, could take this team either way:

Y. Grandal, A. Pagan, D. Viciedo, D. Strailey, M. Olt

Indians: Loads of Salary cap space to rebuild quickly through free agency

This is a great, deep league. Looking for owners to take over now before free agent bidding starts. Completely free league with cash prozes for playoff teams. Any questions email or come check out the league and fill out an application here:

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The Cubs were taken yesterday..... The Mets I believe are currently open, but I think the Admin has someone lined up for them. Feel free to apply and ask for the Mets if you want, there is a pretty decent chance you'd get them.

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30 Teams

Roto scoring (standard 5x5)

Salary Cap

All minor and major league players owned

Arbitration system for 1st 6 years of a players career

Free agent auction for players after 6 years

Run through Proboards & CBS

League is Free but our Admin puts up cash prizes for playoff teams

Admission into the league requires filling out a short application on the proboards site and posting a picture or a link to a Facebook account or something similar. (this is to prevent people from owning multiple teams). Once the application is finished our Admin will set you up with your choice of available teams (usually takes a day or two). We are heading into our 10th year and are only looking for dedicated owners who are comfortable playing with deep rosters. Any questions about the league please email or check out the league here:

Available teams:

Atlanta Braves- won their division last year and look like they can compete again this year

Roster includes:C B. McCann, 1B F. Freeman, 2B A. Hill, SS E. Andrus, 3B D. Freese, SP M. Bumgarner, SP D. Haren, SP B. Beachy RP C. Kimbrel

Twins: Chance to compete this year in a weak division, good mix of young talent

Roster includes: 2B B. Zobrist, SS T. Plouffe, OF M. Cuddyer, SP J. Parker, SP C. Tillman

Angels: Chance to compete this year in a weak division; solid MLB talent

Roster includes: CF A. Jones, LF M. Holliday, 2B D. Uggla, CF M. Bourn, RP M. Rivera, RP J. Nathan

Dodgers: Solid team with a few superstars, could be very good with an attentive owner

Roster includes: 3B M. Cabrera, SS J. Reyes, 1B A. Pujols, OF C. Maybin, RP K. Jansen, RP J. Axford

White Sox: Needs a rebuild, but has some good players to trade with

Roster includes: 1B P. Fielder, OF A. DeAza, OF S. Choo, SP J. Hellickson, SP J. Zimmermann

Indians: Needs a total rebuild, but has loads of salary cap space to build through free agency

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