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H2H Multi-Cat 16 Team League

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" OldSkool Dynasty League" . if any of you guys are interested, you're all more than welcome to jump on board with a few of us already ready to go. I figure the NHL is still a little ways off from getting going so we have time to draft, etc. Also if there is not a season, we " rollover" the league to next year. We'll use leaguesafe as a place to safely store all league funds of $40 per each owner. In addition, Leaguesafe also has a " rollover" option to where we just " rollover" funds to the following season if there is not an NHL season. So, really there is nothing to lose here and a lot to gain with a good well run league smile.gif So let's not waste anymore time reading and let's get to the

16 Teams


$40 per owner ( league safe)

Daily Lineups

Initial draft is " all players". No separate draft from NHLr's and prospects.

Format: H2H Multiple Cat win. So for example, we will have 11 categories, if you win 7 categories in week 1. Your record will be 7-4 going into week 2. Using Multiple Cat categories IMO is a great reflection of team balance and determining factor when stacking your team up against the rest of the competition.

The format is H2H with 4 divisions of 4 teams = 16 total.

8 teams make the playoffs= 4 division winners and 4 wild card teams ( 2 from each conference)

Annual prospect draft of 4 rounds

Bottom 4 teams each season go into a lottery draw for 1st overall pick.

Cats are : +/-, G, A, PIMS, HITS, Blocks, SOG ,W, SVS, SV%, GAA

Rosters are setup as: 3 LW 3C 3 RW 6D 2G

8 reserves 2 IR

15 minor league players per team 100 Career NHL games played is the minor league limit qualifier

League Champion gets $290

Wales Champion = $75

Campbell Champion= $75

Four Divison champions= $50

** If you win your division ( $50) and advance on to win your conference ( $75) and then win the league championship as well ( $290) you have the chance to win a grand total of $415. Nice haul for a $40 investment. Again, this is all done through league safe. 100% safe , easy and secure.

So that's it, sounds fun right? Of course it does. Flip me back an email ( ) or send me an PM and I'll get you setup in the league.

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