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Mitchell & Ness error jersey

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Hi all,

I have no idea where or who to ask this question so I figured I would turn to my friends on rotoworld first.

Today I went to a Marshalls and surprisingly found a Mitchell & Ness 94-95 NBA All-Star Scottie Pippen jersey. I have found jerseys of all sports at Marshalls on and off for years but rarely do I ever find anything good, let alone authentic. After looking it over to make sure it wasn't a fake (I was fooled once before with a Magic Johnson jersey) I noticed something very odd on the label above the Mitchell & Ness patch at the bottom left of the jersey. Instead of reading "1994-1995" or "1994-1995 Scottie Pippen", it instead reads "1988-1989 Dennis Rodman". Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this before?

This is what the jersey loks like:

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Nope, haven't, and I've frequented M&N since they had their old store on Walnut St. in Philly. I tried looking more closely at the tag, but I couldn't zoom in or magnify.

I'd email them and confirm it's one of theirs.

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