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2nd year 30 Team League needs some replacement GM's, free to join.

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I run a 30 team league that is in need of some replacement GM's. The majority of the league is returning for a second season and many of those GM's have had a longer history in these types of leagues.

The league started a full MLB draft and full MiLB draft, each team is given $100M in cap room. Each team is also given 3 designated tags to apply on pending FA's, one tag is a Franchise Tag (FFA TAG), this tag allows you to keep the FA for whatever his real life contract ends up as, the second tag is a Restricted Tag (RFA TAG), this tag allows you the right of refusal after the league has a chance to bid on the player, if you decline you will be given draft pick compensation, the third tag is a Flex Tag which can be either a FFA or RFA tag, this allows you the to use the most logical tag on a player, for instance Albert Pujols contract wouldn't be a wise investment given the $100M cap, so an RFA on him would make more sense.

Each team also has a full MiLB roster and there will be a corresponding MiLB draft each off-season, there is also a MiLB FA bidding round that we do each year at the All-Star break, this would be for unowned prospects who either slipped through the cracks or recently broke out of obscurity.

The league is broken down into a AL and NL league and as of now is run on ESPN, as soon as there is a site able to handle a full 30 team league for free this is what we use. For the day to day management of your team and draft/tFA/rades, we run a page on Proboards.

If you have any interest in joining the league please contact Matthew at

This is a complex league in need of quality GM's with full MLB and MiLB player universe, an experienced GM is preffered but not a prerequisite for joining as well all need to start somewhere and I am willing to help walk people through the steps is they commit for the long haul.

Once you contact me I will respond and give you the low down on the run down and a list of available teams to choose from.


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