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2013 Coaches Carousel

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Where do you guys think the annual off-season coaching carrousel will end up. This is strictly guesses but whose losing a job, who might be filling those jobs, and how will it affect your favorite fantasy athletes.

Some coaches who are obviously not returning to their teams next year

Norv, Reid, Crennell, Sexy Rexy, Wisenhunt are five that jump to the top of my mind. I could also see Chan Gailey getting the boot but thats just a hunch.

I've seen the reports about Reid going to San Diego and I think it makes sense. While I've stated I think this might hinder Mathews from his full potential its obviously way better than Norv.

I think Crennell might end up in college or out of the league or at least a year so he's not a topic.

Hopefully Norv ends up in hell.

IF Gailey is fired I could see him going to Kansas City. He is a running mastermind and if he got his hands on Jamaal Charles the fantasy world needs to watch out. Call that wishful thinking though.

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