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Ok forum! Time to show your skills!

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I'll show you my team and you pick all my starters!

QB RG3, Rivers

WR: Julio Jones, Colston, Cecil Shorts, D Alexander, Fitzgerald, TY Hilton

RB Bradshaw, Trent Richardson, Bryce Brown, Reggie Bush,

OK So I need you to fill in the blanks!

QB _____________






Lets win this for the forum! Lol :P

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RG3, Colston, Shorts if healthy Hilton if not, Bradshaw, Brown, Richardson

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I'd say RG3, Colston, Bradshaw, Richardson, and Brown are no brainers.

Last spot for me is between Julio and HIlton, and I'd have no problem with either. Ultimately I don't like to be wrong when benching Julio, so I'd probably play him. He has been a beast when healthy, and when Ryan doesn't play like crap. Since last week contradicted everything I know, I'm blaming Thursday night football.

If I had to make an argument against Hilton, I'd say that two of his big games were likely affected by Avery's absence, and Avery obviously showed again last week that he is another mouth to feed. Hilton still has 100 yards in both of Avery's last two full games. It's not a very big argument, and he does have another very good match-up. I'm not betting against him, but Luck might not throw the ball 54 times again. (might not)

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