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Stacked Team, Tough Choices

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I'm in a 10 man league, non-PPR. However, the settings are pretty bad and favor QBs heavily.

Here are the settings:

Here are my choices, the bolded is what I'm thinking is the best play:

(Pick 1) QBs: Tony Romo, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer

I've been rolling with Romo most of the season because interceptions affect the score so little. However, he's going up against PITT this week, and Cam is just starting to get hot.

(Pick 3) RBs Matt Forte, Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles, Frank Gore

After Martin broke out, the odd man out is usually Forte or Gore. This week, Gore has the worst matchup of the four, going against NE, so I have him sitting out.

(Pick 3) WRs Vincent Jackson, Wes Welker, Julio Jones, Stevie Johnson

Seems pretty straightforward

(Pick 1) TE Vernon Davis or Brandon Myers

I picked up V Davis off of waivers, and I thought I made away like a bandit. His performances in the last 3 weeks: 0, 1, 0. He is way too talented to be that unproductive, but I really can't afford a goose egg from the TE position in the playoffs. At the same time, I'm gonna be pissed when hes on my bench and he puts up huge numbers.

(Pick 1) K Current: Tucker On waivers: Hartley, Bailey, Legatron, Shuisham, Shayne Graham, Dawson

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