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League needs 1 owner

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Hey guys, I'm looking for an owner for a Charlotte, NC based league. What I am looking for is honest, serious and knowledgeable owner who is willing to play all season and wants to have fun. Last year we had 10 owners and and might be expanding to 11 or 12. Once we figure that out we can determine if we need to have an expansion draft or not. If we stayed at 10 then you would simply take over the team. We have a league constitution I can email you if you are interested. Here are a few players that are available. If you are interested please PM or contact me here.

Ryan Howard 14

Jon Jay 10

Ryan Zimmeran 25

Andre Either 19

Gio Gonzalez 16

Cliff Lee 29

few other also

Drat Date 3/30


Number of owners--10-11-12

Type--NL only Roto style Keeper league--WEEKLY LEAGUE(Monday-Sunday)

Categories---5x5 standard--avg,runs,hr,rbis,sb,era,K's,whip,w,s

Add/drop policy--FAAB


Roster--2 Catchers, First, Second, Short, Third, Corner, Middle, 5 Outfielders, 9 Pitchers...5 man reserve

Entry fee- $150

Payout---12 team(50,30,15,5) 10-11 team(50-30-20) %100 after site fees.

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