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I just joined my first ever auction league and I guess you can say I decided to go big. It's a 32 team Dynasty Auction league so it's going to be very interesting to say the least. I've messed around with some mock auction drafts here or there but I know they aren't how they really go.

Quick rules: $250 Cap to spend on and that is a hard cap. I'm unable to go over that at any point ever. Keeping a veteran player costs 5 bucks per year.

Roster Spots: 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1Flex, K, D/St 8 Bench Spots

I know the basics of don't spend more than a few dollars on a kicker or a defense but how much should I be looking to spend on high end players. It's also a scaled PPR meaning RBs get .5..WrRs get 1 and TEs get 1.5.

I'm thinking that makes Gronk, Graham, or Hernandez a first priority to get on my team followed by a decent QB(5 per TD pass).

If say I'm targeting

Gronk, Stafford, Spiller for example how much money should I spend on each player?

Any other tips in a draft would be appreciated as well!!

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I'm in an auction league myself and in order to win, you gotta spend the money on guaranteed players who will produce every week. You can try to play the game of "who you think will be good", but a lot of times that bites you in the a**. Since RBs are so shallow I would spend top money on one of those AND a top tier QB. I would leave WRs till last (aside from kickers/D) just because they have hit or miss weeks, but a guy like Arian Foster you KNOW will run, and Aaron Rodgers WILL be throwing TDs which is why you want to take that approach. As for tight ends, I wouldn't say they are first priority but yes, you do want a guy you know who will be consistent, but I feel like you'll be overpaying for a Gronk or Hernandez, especially with the Pats offense. You can grab a consistent middle tier guy for cheaper so take that into account.

It's easier said than done to say you will go into a draft with one plan, and 90% of the time it never works out so be aware of that. With auction money involved you may find yourself paying higher or lower for a player than you expected. You just have to be smart with how many eggs you put in your baskets. Auction draft knowledge comes with years of experience, and being someone that's been in these leagues, I'm still learning a ton. Good luck.

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I've been doing auction for a few years now and will probably never go back to snake drafts. I find it much more exciting and you get a chance at every player. There are several strategies you can take. 1. is to go for as many studs as you can, which will probably be around 2-4, and use the rest of the budget to fill it with lower tier players. 2. is to go for a more balanced approach. Maybe 1 stud and the rest are not superstars, but consistent players.

I prefer the more balanced approach since an injury could wreck you the other way. Also in a 32 team league I assume people will be highly overpaying for all of the studs which will leave you some deals later in the draft. TE wise I wouldn't try and get those 3 because all 31 other owners will also be trying to get them, so you will have to pay substantially. I would go for the best TE after that. With 32 teams I think you need to get some RB's I would go 1 stud there and another solid RB2. That will be the toughest position in a 32 team league.

Basic draft advice I could give you is when you nominate a player, don't nominate a player you want, but the biggest dollar player you don't want and let everyone else waste their budget and you can get a discount for the players you want down the line. Try and do some more mocks to practice, but know that in the actual draft it could be completely different. I did some mocks this past season where Foster and McCoy were going for 40-60 and they both went for 70+ in my league, so assigning dollar values is hard to do. What I do is break my budget up where I am willing to pay $30 for QB, $50 for RB's etc and list all the players you think you would be in that range and target them. I have been using that strategy and it's done pretty well for me.

Good Luck

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