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Please Rate My Team WHIR

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I had the 2nd overall pick in a 8 team H2H league. Not sure what to think about my team because I'm not a huge hockey fan.

C - Malkin

C - H. Sedin

C - P. Kane

C - Marleau

LW - Elias

LW - R. Whitney

LW - Michalek

LW - Kunitz

RW - Gaborik

RW - Cole

RW - Stafford

RW - Michael Grabner

D - Weber

D - Edler

D - Suter

D - M. Green

G - Rask

G - Schneider

G - Bryzgalov

BN - Lecavlier

BN - Del Zotto

BN - Kesler

BN - Jokinen

BN - Visnovsky

Thanks! WHIR!

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You did REALLY well with defense and goaltending. Considering you probably took Malkin with the 2nd overall pick, you're lucky you got both Rask and Schneider in net since you probably missed out on one of the top 3. You're pretty good at center, but what bothers me is the RW/LW slots. You'd think in an 8 team league you'd have a better top wing other than Gaborik, who IMO is the best you have (not including Kane who has the dual eligibility of course). I would go to someone with weak D or goaltending and try to pawn off a combo of Bryz, Green, and a guy like Elias/Cole/Kunitz for a top-tier LW or RW and a decent backup goaltender.

Other than that, it looks good!


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