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Big Trade: Westbrook for Jennings/A Davis.. WHIR

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Who wins this trade?

My Jennings/A. Davis for Westbrook

Im in a 8 cat ROTO. Currently in 4th. Log way from 1st and 2nd.. but 3rd pays out money and there are about 5 people within striking distances of it.

Ive got plenty of guard depth but no stud guard outside of Jennings. In the post I'd still have M Gasol, Sanders to man the C position

Im currently hurting in PTS, STL, AST, FG% and 3PTS.

I love the idea of pairing Westbrook with Durant to create a big 2 headed monster, but do I take the hit losing Anthony Davis for the upgrade of Westbrook over Jennings?

I will 100% help in return... leave a link

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Do the trade. Westbrook does pretty much what Davis/Jennings does together and like the person above said, it will give you 1 extra space to use a hot FA.

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