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Look at my team please

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I got invited to play in a 8-team league by a group of friends that i've played fantasy football with for the past 8-9 years.

They were drafting tonight and lost a team so knowing that I volunteered to at least keep up with my team and be active. I LITERALLY only know 2 active hockey players.

So that said, I had the 8th pick and I went strictly by yahoo avg rankings. How poor is this team in an 8 team league? Can I at least stay out of last place?

Don't be shy - if it sucks say it sucks, I honestly have NO CLUE about any of this. I'm just gonna keep active players in the line up lol

We start: 2Cs, 2 RWs, 2LWs, 4Ds, 2G's, 1 Utility

In draft order:

1. John Taveres

2. Corey Perry

3. Rick Nash (I have since been told this is my best player....I guess that's not good that I got my best player in the 3rd)

4. Milan Lucic (i have no clue if he's worth a 4th but my wife is from Boston and asked me to draft him...EDIT: I have since been told this was a huge waste/reach lol)

5. Jimmy Howard

6. Dan Boyle

7. Anze Kopitar

8. Marion Gabirick

9. Cam Ward

10. Bobby Ryan (I'm told this was a good pick that made up for some stinkers above)

11. Michael Del Zotto

12. Jason Garrison

13. Thomas Vanik

14. Niklas Kronwall

15. Matt Moulson

16. Jason Pominville

17. Pascal Dupuis

18. Patrice Bergeron

19. Devan Dubnyk

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