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Replacement for 5x5 Keeper League w/ Minors Roster

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Below is a quick summary. It's an active league/unique version of things:

This is our 4th season in our current format and right now we have 9 very active owners from throughout the country who participate the entire season and are committed long-term. We just purged a couple owners for sub-par participation. This league dates to 2001, which is when I helped create the league, and a couple years ago we restarted our rosters from scratch. It’s a very stable league and our commissioner is a strong, fair and decisive commissioner that makes sure the league runs smoothly.

Here are a few details about the league:

  • 25 man Major League roster (15 active positions, 10 bench), 10 man Minor League roster;
  • 8 Major League keepers per year. Minor leaguers that reach the majors get 4 free years before being considered a keeper, so each roster is comprised of 8 ML + minor leaguers who made the majors;
  • 3 annual drafts: February is a minor league draft, March is the Major League draft, and in June we draft the new players from the real MLB amateur draft;
  • 5X5 standard scoring;
  • $100/yr dues, top 3 finish in the money;
  • New owners will receive a supplemental MLB draft pick between the 1st two rounds.

You can read all about the league at: but please don't sign up for the forum yet. We are receiving many inquiries and are looking for owners committed to the league long-term. Team A, Team B, and Team E need replacement owners, because life/circumstances have them unavailable to manage their teams any longer and they're simply not active enough. You can view the available rosters under the 2013 roster thread.

Let me know what you think, and we can discuss details further. Our minor league draft is in February and once we vet the interested team owners it’s 1st come 1st served with the available rosters... Our main focus though is trying to add solid, active owners to go along with the 9 we have... and not have to worry about much change moving forward.



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As I am having difficulty accessing my PM box from work/on my phone, anyone interested please send me an email at Orion Braun, I have responded to your PM.


15 man Minor League roster - which expands to 20 after June 1st draft. Following young, upcoming minor league players, basically makes or breaks your success in this league.

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