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What to offer for CP3? WHIR

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The owner previously wanted to trade CP3 for Pau gasol and Steve Nash about a month ago, but retracted his offer. He is currently in 12th place in our league and probably worried about CP3's injury quite a bit. According to Larry King's Twitter ->, Cp3 said he'd be out two weeks, I feel like buying low while theres a window before the update hits on Rotoworld, who should i package in a deal? Here is his current team.

Chris Paul(G)

Alexy Shved(G)

Rodney Stuckey(G)

Ben Gordon(G)

Alan Anderson(G/F)

Earl Clark(F)

Al-Farouq Aminu(F)

Jared Sullinger(F)

Andre Drummond(F/C)

Demarcus Cousins(F/C)

Al Horford(F/C)

Pattrick Patterson(F/C)

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If you can give Pau and Nash for CP3 do it ASAP. For a frame of reference I just traded Rudy Gay, Glen Davis, and Jose Calderon for CP3 and Jordan Crawford. I think that's a pretty even trade(obviously since I did it).

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