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Free Salary Based Dynasty League Needs a Manager

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As the title says I run a free salary based dynasty league and I need a new manager. The league is in its first season and unfortunately the previous manager has been inactive for the past two months. The team is listed below and if you have any questions or want to check out the board let me know via email

The team (first number - salary, second number - contract length (in yrs)):

PG Rajon Rondo BOS 6 5

PG JJ Barea MIN 3 1

PG Luke Ridnour MIN 2 1

PG Nate Robinson CHI 1 2

SG Kobe Bryant LAL 6 2

SG Joe Johnson BKN 5 2

SG DeMar DeRozan TOR 4 4

SG JJ Reddick ORL 1 2

SF Terrence Jones HOU 3 5

SF Steve Novak NYK 2 2

SF Andrei Kirilenko MIN 2 1

PF Kenneth Faried DEN 5 4

PF Taj Gibson CHI 3 3

PF Larry Sanders MIL 1 1

PF Antawn Jamison LAL 1 1

C Andrew Bynum PHI 7 4

C Tyson Chandler NYK 4 2

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