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Need help with a trade! whir

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12 teams H2H 10cat (FTM).... One team just lost Rondo and he's looking for a PG, I offered him B.Knight and he liked the player, after a couple of counter we are at this point:

My B.Knight and E.Turner for His AK47 and Jo.Crawford

I really like AK47 but I don't like Crawford

my team:

PG Westy

SG Ge.Hill

G Holiday

SF Deng

PF Parsons

F Ersan

C M.Gasol

C Sanders

Util Jennings

Util E.Turner

BN McGee

BN Monroe

BN Kawhi

BN Dudley

BN Knight

Should I take the deal? (I already offerd Knight+Dudley for AK and he countered witht his deal)

Or should I counter with Knight+Turner for AK47 and (1)Afflalo or 2)MKG or 3)Ray Allen)?

If you think I should Counter please rank the trades

leave a link and I'll help you

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