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Competitive 4th Yr H2H PTS League In Search of Active Replacement Up for a Challenge

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League Settings:

ESPN league

H2H Points

12 team/ 13 player rosters, 10 starters

4 keepers (any 3, plus 1 from the 7th Rd. or later in the previous season's draft)

There is no IR spot

About the team available:

I am going to be up front about this -- the team available here has an 0-14 record. The owner of this team was in his first year in the league and was in WAY over his head. However, the team does have potential and some good keepers to build from. Obviously, the opportunity to make the championship playoffs is gone, but the league's bottom two teams face off in the consolation playoffs with the winner obtaining the #1 pick in next season's draft. With a knowledgeable and active owner, this team could be a contender next season and such an owner can gain a lot of respect in the league by finishing out the season strong. The players on this team include:

Derrick Rose

LaMarcus Aldridge

Andrew Bynum

Mike Conley

Eric Gordon

Tyreke Evans

Omer Asik

Luis Scola

Manu Ginobili

Jamal Crawford

And about 3 streaming spots

A little about the league in general:

- I believe we do not have anyone under 21, so it is a mature league full of people who are passionate about basketball

- 10 of the 12 owners have been in the league since season 1.

- The league is very active in terms of daily acquisitions and lineups are set

- There is moderate activity on the league chat box daily

- Owners in this league are extremely knowledgeable and are not fooled by low-ball trade offers

- There are a fair amount of trade offers made league-wide, but not a lot of executed trades due to owners' extensive knowledge of player values in keeper leagues

- Trade offers are almost always answered within 24 hours

- Trade Blocks are always set

- There is typically a fair amount of discussion in the match up chat chat boxes throughout matches to keep things entertaining

What I am looking for in a prospective owner:

* Someone who is knowledgeable about fantasy basketball, knowledgeable about player values, and is competitive

* Someone who will set their lineups every day

* Someone who will stream free agent caliber players, if any are present on team, in order to maximize each week's point potential -- basically, someone who will play with strategy to maximize their team

* Someone who will answer trades in a timely fashion and not get taken advantage of

* Someone who will particpiate on the league's chat box and matchup smack talk, at least occasionally, to make your presence known

You can check out the league's constitution:

If you're interested please e-mail me at and tell me a little about your fantasy basketball experience and why you want to join this league. If you would like for me to send you a link to the settings so you can check out the league and make sure it's a good fit for you, please let me know. Also feel free to ask any questions if you have them.


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