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Trade Lawson for John Wall? WHIR!

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Durantula    7

Should I trade Ty Lawson for John Wall straight up, given my lineup? My logic is I'm trying to stack my team with great playoff schedule guys, and Wall has a 4-4-4. Also I destroy everyone in my league in 3 pointer's so losing Lawson's 3s to hopefully get a few blocks and a few more assists -- two cats where I'm not so strong -- from Wall would be a good deal for me.

My team is below. Thoughts? WHIR!

10-category 10-player head-to-head league (the extra cat is Personal Fouls)

My lineup is:

Kevin Durant

Al Jefferson

Kyle Korver

Kawhi Leonard

Paul Pierce

Kevin Martin

Luol Deng

JJ Redick

Nikola Pekovic

Ty Lawson

Andrew Bogut

Derrick Rose

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Bigpapichulo    23

Kawhi/Lawson/Deng/Martin could get you a lot of value.

Greivis Vasquez is one player that comes to mind, you'll make a good improvement in assists, rebounds (surprisingly), but will see a slight decline in other areas. You also may get him for slightly cheaper since he doesn't have the big name that a CP3 or Jrue Holiday carries.

Maybe the Vasquez owner has someone proficient in blocks?

Thanks for your reply in my thread!

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earthtobrint    292

I'd rather have Lawson than Wall despite the playoff schedule. The main difference between them is FG%. Their season average isn't far but the past month Lawson has been 47% FG and 79% FT. That doesn't look like a fluke when you look at what he did last season and his career percentages compared to Wall's 40% FG for his career. Lawson is basically better than Wall at everything besides 1 rebound and fractions of a block. He's in for a bigger 2nd half than Wall.

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bchiang83    79

Wall is a much better real life player than fantasy player. He gets no 3's, shoots terrible %, and turns it over a grip. Lawson all the way

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