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Hall of Fame IDPs/Tm Defense Only

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The Hall of Fame League Defense features individual defensive players only (IDP) and team defenses.


Theme is based on great defenses from NFL history, NFL graphics

25.00 league fee, covers host fee/payouts. League Safe used for league finances.

Championship and Consolation brackets, all teams get a minimum of 2 playoff games

Two divisions, 13 week season, Play offs 14-15-16.

In season roster 21. Off season 25.

Positions: Coach, DT,DE, LB, CB, S and team defense. 11 starters

Players on bye week can have pts. carryover if started pervious week, helps with injuries, bye weeks overall

Scoring customized for each position, based on their primary role, proximity to line of scrimmage and the big plays they have to make...that way its not a LB oriented league..

Auction draft format, all teams have access to getting top players

Blind bid waivers/FCFS during the season.

Salary cap, hard in season, soft off season

Taxi and Injured Reserve

Franchise 0-4 players each season, keep a player for up to two consecutive seasons.

Rest ofplayers picked up via annual auction free agency, rookies and veterans

Experienced commish, used for a wide variety of formats.

League site:

League Additional Rules

Email commish from League Site

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