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Need Replacement Owner for 8th Year 3 Sport Keeper League

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We need a new member for a keeper league in its 8th season since one of our members no longer has time for fantasy sports. The sports are football, basketball, and baseball. We keep 5 in baseball and 4 in football and basketball. Scoring is basically Yahoo standard for the most part and the leagues take place on Yahoo.

We have a good group of established members in our league of 10. We have a forum in which we vote on trades, participate in league discussions, submit keepers, keep track of draft pick trading, discuss trading with other members in private messaging, keep track of awards and so on.

The owner that is being replaced in baseball has a core of

1. Ian Kinsler

2. Justin Upton

3. Jay Bruce

4. Jose Reyes

5. Justin Verlander

In football he has...

1. Aaron Rodgers

2. LeSean McCoy

3. Julio Jones

4. Victor Cruz

In basketball he currently has Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, Amar'e Stoudemire, Greg Monroe, Monta Ellis, and Joakim Noah as core piece.

If you have any interest please send an email to to contact me or send a private message on here. Hope to hear from any serious members who have a passion for fantasy sports.

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