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Unique Dynasty Baseball League looking for owners

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If your looking for a Unique Dynasty Baseball league we might be the league for you.

We presently have 3 openings as 3 owners have left do to personal commitments.

We use CBS as our stats provider/team pages plus we have our own website. Are owners stretch from the east coast to west coast and into Canada.

This is a deep baseball knowledge league.

we feature :40 man Major League roster , 40 man Minor league roster, Minor League draft, Rule 5 draft, Active trading, Waivers, Ability to sign Arbitration Eligible players to long term, …we follow every Major League rule, and playoffs !!! You have the ability to determine who pitches or hits when and where, come playoff time!! The off-season is just as fun as the regular season.

From our Rules /Constitution:

From April through September, the NQRBL uses a Rotisserie scoring system consisting of six categories. Teams will be ranked in the following six categories, with the lowest-ranked team in each category awarded a point, and the highest-ranked team in the category awarded a number of points equal to the number of teams in the league:

1. On-base percentage

2. Home runs

3. Doubles plus triples plus stolen bases minus twice the caught stealings

4. Run Average

5. Quality starts

6. Saves plus holds

At the end of the regular season, the six teams with the most rotisserie points qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs are held in December/January using the Netplay feature of Diamond Mind Baseball and the DMB season disk from the most recent season.

Sound confusing? Its really not..

Here is a link to our rules page for more detailed information:

The teams available:

Team #1- a young team whose payroll was around $90.00, featuring guys like Alonso, Ackley, Billingsley and Gio Gonzalez. Team had a slight profit ..

Team #2- team payroll including minor leaguers was just over $48.00.. they have some promising young guys including Machado , D’Arnaud and Hosmer… own the #1 draft in this years Minor League Draft. The team made a small profit this year.

Team #3- payroll came in around $170.00. + minor leaguers and features Harper, Moustakas, Belt & Trumbo

We are looking for active owners, we ask for a $100 deposit for the team plus $30 for league fees (CBS). All money goes back into payouts.

If your interested email me at

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