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Great Keeper League looking for 1 new owner

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Security: $20


1st: 275.00

2nd: 150.00

3rd: 60.00

Reg. Season Points champion $35.00

Keeper Rules:

Keep 5 Guaranteed Keepers for the pick they were drafted with or a higher pick

3 Restricted Keepers, Place any draft pick tender on them you would like, then the rest of the league can bid on them, at the end of the restricted keeper period you will have a chance to match the highest bid or let that player walk.

Starters: 1OB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX(rb, wr, te) 1K 1DEF/ST

Team you can take over ROSTER:

Drew Brees (Keep for 2nd round pick)

LeSean Mccoy(Keep for 1st round pick)

Mike Goodson(Keep for 16th round pick)

Isaac Redman(Keep for 6th round Pick)

Pierre Thomas((Keep for 12h round pick)

Michael Turner(Keep for 4th round pick)

Ryan Broyles(Keep for a 12 round pick)-picked up as free agent

Victor Cruz-(Keep for 3rd rounder(

Eric Decker(Keep for a 7th rounder)

Vincent Jackson- (Keep for a 5th rounder)

Mario Manningham(Keep for a 13th Rounder)

Robert Meachem(Keep for an 8th round pick)

Golden Tate(Keep for an 18th rounder)

Fred Davis(Keep for a 10th rounder)

Joes Dreessen(Keep for a 12 round pick)- picked up via free agency

Stephen Gostowski(Keep for 15th rounder)

Shayne Graham(Keep for a 12th rounder)

Texan Def(Keep for 14th rounder)

Here are the detailed rules: ... 22615&O=26

Email ME at


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