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Fantasy Homer League

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Brand new, unique fantasy football league where being a homer is mandatory!

32 Teams- The same team names and logos as the NFL

Player Pool Doubled- Every player exists twice and can be on two rosters at the same time. One team cannot own both copies of a player.

Team Specific Rosters- Start the year with 4-8 offensive players from your NFL team. You choose which players to keep. In addition, you will also keep your NFL team's defense/special teams.

Balanced Auction- After keepers have been set, a league auction will be held to fill rosters. Auction values are generated using a formula based on NFL team's previous year performance. The worst teams will have more money to spend than the good teams will.

Real NFL Schedule- We will play a 17 week regular season that mimics the real NFL schedule 100%. You play the same opponent as your NFL counterpart each week.

Playoff Challenge- At the completion of our regular season, the top 12 teams (6 from each conference) will win entry into the playoff challenge. Owners will set a lineup using any player playing in the playoffs. Each player can only be used once for the duration of the playoffs. The top teams will advance each week culminating in a head to head match-up between the top two teams the week of the Super Bowl.

$20 Buy in. Separate money pools for regular season and playoffs. Regular season payouts for top seeds, division champs, wild card teams and top scoring teams. Playoff payouts increase for each week that team advances. League finances managed via LeagueSafe.

League Homepage

League Rules

As of right now the Packers, Bears, Cowboys, Falcons, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Steelers and Colts have been taken. If you would like one of the remaining teams, PM me with your name, e-mail address and team preference. Ideally, I would like owners to be real fans of the teams they choose.

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