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NL Only League Constitution inside! Owners Wanted!

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please let me know if interested!


$120 entry fee per team ($120 x 8 teams = $960)

Where the money goes:

  • $50 to each of the 4 teams that make the playoffs ($200 total)
  • $75 more to each team that makes the championship ($150 total)
  • $250 more to the team that wins the championship ($250 total)
  • $25 to the team that(at years end) has on their roster the National League Rookie of the Year ($25)
  • $25 to the team that(at years end) has on their roster the National League Most Valuable Player ($25)
  • $25 to the team that(at years end) has on their roster the National League Cy Young award winner ($25)
  • $25 to the team that(at years end) has on their roster the National League Rolaids Relief Man award winner ($25)
  • $20 to each team that has the most points in each of the final 5 weeks of the regular season ($100 total)
  • $160 to for fantasy fee


The scoring in this league is intended to be simple. So we will keep it that way.

A pitchers job is to get outs, keep people off base, not give up runs and definately not blow it. Therefore, scoring for a pitcher is as follows:

  1. OUT = 1 point
  2. STRIKEOUT = 1 point
  3. HOLD = 10 points
  4. SAVE = 10 points
  5. BLOWN SAVE = -5 points
  6. WALK = -1 point
  7. HIT BATSMEN = -1 point
  8. EARNED RUN = -1 point

A batters job is to advance bases and to not get out. Therefore, scoring for a batter is as follows:

  1. TOTAL BASES = 1 point
  2. RUN BATTED IN = 1 point
  3. STOLEN BASE = 2 points
  4. WALK = 1 point
  5. HIT BY PITCH = 1 point
  6. STRIKEOUT = -1 point
  7. CAUGHT STEALING = -1 point
  8. PICKOFF BY FIELDER = -1 point

Scoring format changes are at the sole discretion of the commissioner. Point values can be changed by majority vote of the owners.


The 8 teams in the league represent the 8 Charter franchises of the National League.

The teams are:

  • Cincinnati Red Stockings
  • Chicago White Stockings
  • Hartford Dark Blues
  • Boston Red Stockings
  • New York Mutuals
  • Philadelphia Athletics
  • Louisville Grays
  • St. Louis Brown Stockings

Owners will be able to change the name of their team with commissioner approval as long as the name remains one of a current or former team in the National League.

No duplicate team names allowed.


The inaugural seasons draft will be randomized and snaking. Each year to follow will be non-snaking worst regular season record to best for each round.


Teams will consist of a 25 man roster made up of National League Players Only with 16 to 20 players active each week. You must start 4 SP and 4 RP every week. That leaves 8 - 12 position players. Each position must have at least 1 active.(1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, and C) Teams can play no more than 2 per position.


Owners will be able to "Keep" ANY 6 players of their choosing from their team for the following year.


Add/Drops will be done through the standard waiver process. There are no fees beyond the initial league dues. waiver order will be bottom of standings to top each week.


To help keep the integrity of our league, trades will not be allowed at any time.


How it works:

If a team "KEEPS" a player who was released by another team in the previous year, that players releasing team is awarded a supplemental pick in the next draft.

Details of the Supplemental Pick:

  • If a player is released more than once in a season and still "KEPT", the pick goes to the last team to release him.
  • Teams lose the right to (1) of their supplemental picks for every (1) released player they themselves "KEEP".
    • This is to ensure that 2 teams don't each release a good player with intentions of adding and "KEEPING" the other teams player and in turn both earning supplemental picks.

    [*]Supplemental picks will be front loaded to the draft.

    • Example: Lets say there are 2 teams that got supplemental picks. These teams would have the first 2 picks of the draft and then the draft would proceed with the regular drafting order.

Why it works:

The supplemental pick is intended to help with competitive balance. It can be a play of strategy by an owner, or help ensure an owner who isn't planning on coming back won't completely ruin a team for a new participant.

The Commissioner will edit the draft rounds and orders to accommodate these possible supplemental picks.


Each team will play each of the other 7 teams once a week 21 total times resulting in a 147 game regular season schedule.*

*Standings tiebreaker will go to head to head matchup winner.


4 teams with the best regular season records will make the playoffs.

  • Round one will be seed 1 vs seed 4 and seed 2 vs seed 3 (week 22)*
  • Round two will be the championship (week 23)*

*Tiebreakers will go to the higher seed (home team).


Any change request to the leagues rules or operation must be brought to the commissioners attention.

If the commissioner agrees the change should be brought up for a vote, a simple majority will decide the outcome and the change will become effective immediately.

The commissioner will not vote unless to break a tie.


I will be collecting league dues by paypal or check by mail.

If paying by paypal please send to please be sure to send as gift or some form thereof so paypal does not charge additional fees.

If paying by check, please send to:

Joshua Cook

2408 33rd Ave S

Fargo, ND 58104

If you are not comfortable with me handling the money, please do not sign up. I am a trustworthy person and give my word to operate this with integrity.

At the end of the season all teams will receive their regular season, playoff and player award winnings. I will not hold money over the offseason. The books will be cleared within a week after the season ends and all awards have been given.

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Thanks for the interest eaters! I sent you an Invite!

More teams still available to the rest of you out there!

Draft is Sunday March 17th at 2pm

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