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Nick Mitchell

Need 3 heads to fill our 14-team Yahoo! 5x5(OBP) Redraft Rotoauction League! Draft is March 25, 9PM EST!

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Hi everyone,

I have never had to make a post in here for a league in which I am advertising before, because I'm usually doing the one looking and have specific things in mind that I'm searching for!

This time around, I'm looking for members to fill a league that is in its 3rd year. We are a core group and usually at least 10 of us have played together in leagues before, but there are usually a few openings at the begin of each year that need to be filled. Our main commissioner who will run the MLB and NFL leagues for us annually had decided to just play and not run the league, so I am handling that for the year. We're a fun and competitive group, and we'd welcome anyone who thinks they would like to play with us for now and hopefully years to come. We also always have NFL leagues, and I know some of the guys do hockey and basketball too. Anyway, about baseball...

Money is held through LeagueSafe, and is paid-out via owner majority vote (commish has done it in the past, but since this is my first year running the thing, I decided it would be best to do it this way for now even though the regular group knows me).

14 total teams, $150 buy-in.

Payouts look like this:

1st Place: $1200 (57%)

2nd Place: $500 (24%)

3rd Place: $250 (12%)

4th Place: $150 (7%)

(Total: 100%)

Deadline to pay by is March 23rd, 5:00PM EST.

We have collected $1,050.00 since I started sending invites yesterday, so I have no concern about the people I know from the past few years paying-up, but I felt it is necessary to post that right now so anyone who signs up or may consider knows we're a pretty straight group, and don't like wasting time nor do we have time to waste this year. So if you're not planning to pay on time or going to wait until the last minute and make me wonder if I'll have to hustle the day before the draft, move along now please......

League Info:



Stat Categories:

Runs, RBI, HR, SB, and OBP

Wins, Saves, SO, ERA, and WHIP

Teams are made up of 25 players:

Hitters- C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, OF (4), UTL

Pitchers- 8 (of any kind)

Bench- 6

DL- 2


Date: Monday, March 25th, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM Pacific Time (8:00 PM Central Time/9:00 PM Eastern Time)

Style: Auction

Auction Budget: $260

Bid Time: 20 seconds

- Lineup Changes: Daily Lineups (players will lock for the day at the start of game time).

- Acquisitions: You get the player the same day you acquire him.

- Acquisitions Limit: 100 moves allowed on the year (this does not include or count trades).

- Trading: Deadline is August 18th to make deals, and trading is not limited throughout the season.

- Waivers: Continuous FAAB ($100 yearly budget to begin the season with) w/ continual flowing list tiebreak.

You may bid $0, but you must always place a bid now if you want to pick somebody up off of the wire, and it is up to you as to how much FAAB you want to spend in one place.

- Post-draft players who go undrafted all are subjected to waivers immediately following the draft.

Players who first become available when added to the Yahoo! pool are also subjected to waivers immediately as well.

- Maximum Games Played (Hitters): 162 each independent roster spot (for example 1b has max games of 162, but OF has max games of 4*162 = 648 innings)

Maximum Innings Pitched: 1400 total of each active independent pitching spot.


We have 10 managers locked in no matter what right now. We have 11 signed up, but I am weary about one person who I am not familiar with (he may have used a different username last year though). But at the least, we need 3 heads, and at the most, we need 4. I will edit as spots are filled.

If interested (or if you know somebody who would be), please shoot me a PM and/or reply to this thread with any contact info that I might need.

Thanks, and I hope to find a few good managers!

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im in.

this will run with 11 or 12 managers if it doesnt fill i assume?

send me the league info.



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We should be able to find 14 for sure. I am assuming we will just roll with 12 if for some chance we cannot, but years 1 and 2 we were able to field 14 with no trouble at all.

The main point I stress is that we all pay as soon as possible. The one manager I spoke of who is in question, I am in his league and he says he will pay but he only joined because it was a 14-team league. So in the instance he were to drop-off, we would just need 1 head just to make it 12 again anyway (with you now joining). We're at 12 now, and need 2 more to get to the total, and once everyone is paid (not sure, but I believe 2 or 3 others have paid since I posted this) the Yahoo! page will go private and the league will lock.

I'm gunning for 14, for the mere fact that it skews the roster spots, transactions/limits (i.e. streaming isn't as much a strategy as it is a common practice for everyone when the FA pool is too deep), and because a lot of us just play in 14. But technically, since it is a Roto point league, we could run with 11 managers even and it would still be OK.... but I don't want it to be streamer paradise then. If anything, if we had to downgrade to 12, I may suggest limiting transactions on the year to something like 60-80 as opposed to 100 total.... I don't like when people stream like crazy and if the FA pool is too deep, it can skew stuff. That's my only problem with dropping the league from 14 to 12..... or below.

I will send you both a Yahoo! and LeagueSafe invite. Once you pick a team name on Yahoo! I will adjust it to your LeagueSafe payout/invite name. I sent you an email in the mean time, and an invite to our league.

Thanks, and if you know of anyone else who may be interested, pass it along.


2 openings still!

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im in.

this will run with 11 or 12 managers if it doesnt fill i assume?

send me the league info.




It says you cannot use the messaging system. I can't invite you either, as you do not have a public email. Here is the PM I had all ready to send to you. (If links cannot be posted here, may a mod please remove it from my post? Thank you...)

"Hey Jayson, thanks for the interest in joining up.

Here is our link. Page is public. Send me your email, and I will shoot you an invite if you are interested in playing with us. You can view the page's threads and see who has and who hasn't paid-up yet and any discussion within as well, but cannot reply unless signed up (to my knowledge). I am hoping to stick with 14 teams, but we would run at 12 I think if we have to. But I may modify allotted moves in that case so people don't stream like maniacs... something to offset things, assuming everyone else is OK with it... you know? Hope you're interested in playing still.

Let me know what your email is and I will send an invite from to our league, as well as a LeagueSafe invite once you are ready."

Thanks dude.... I think it may be due to your low post count. We need 2 heads as soon as this becomes official, and I can get you into the league and paid up.

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i emailed you and sent you a message on facebook.

never got a reply on either.

Nick has had internet issues today and is busy with family issues. I've stepped in to help out, send me your email.

I'll get an invite sent to you pronto.

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