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Looking for a Free keeper league

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I've never played in a keeper league for baseball, mainly cuz most of my buddies stick to basketball/football. Was just looking to maybe take a team/join a new league, preferrably 10-12 teams that is free yet competitive. Let me know if there's anything. Thanks fellas

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My league isn't free, but it's fun and will be competitive. Feel free to take a look below and if it interests you, you can leave your email and I'll send you an invite:

Here are the quick highlights:


- A 31 round draft is scheduled for Saturday March 23 @ 8PM EST. It will be a serpentine "snake" style draft. Draft order will be randomly created by CBS once the league is full. 4 minutes are allowed per draft pick. If no selection is made, the highest ranked player on your list or the CBS default list will be selected for your team. You may select any player that you wish (major or minor league player) in any round as long as you do not exceed 27 major league players and 4 minor league players. Rosters will be manually adjusted by the Commissioner's office after the draft if these limits are exceeded.

Minor Leagues:

- You may only store a player in your minor leagues if they are in the minor leagues. Once a player in your minor leagues is called up in real MLB, you must move them to your active roster to accrue stats. If a player is called up and remains in your minor leagues for too long (ex - 2 weeks), you will be asked to move them to your active roster by the Commissioner's office or face having the player dropped from your roster and subject to FAAB waiver bidding. You may drop/add minor league players through waivers at any time once the draft is complete. You will be able to keep all 4 minor league players for as long as you want, as long as they are in the minors.

Scoring and Rosters:

- 5x5 standard Roto (AVG, HR, RBI, R, SB / W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP)

- Mixed League (AL & NL)

- Daily Lineups (Lock 5 mins prior to first game played that day)

- Illegal Rosters will NOT accrue stats for any day that they are illegal. Please be sure to check your lineup after making any roster move.

- FAAB style waivers ($100 budget per year; $0 bids allowed)

- Must keep any 10 players from your roster for as long as you want. In addition, you can keep all 4 of your minor league players. *You may NOT keep less than 10 players to gain extra draft picks.

- Draft pick trades and trading of minor league players are allowed.

- Offseason trading is allowed.

- Each trade is reviewed by league for 2 days. 5 votes against will overturn the trade.

- Rosters: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 5 OF, 9 P (can be any combo of SP and RP), 5 Bench, 2 DL, 4 Minor League (ML)

- *Housekeeping Roster Note: there are 5 BENCH spots allowed. This number has been manipulated by the Commissioner's office (it appears that there are 9 bench spots allowed) to allow for drafting of minor league players during our draft. The limit will be re-adjusted once the draft is final.

- 162 game maximum per offensive position

- 900 IP minimum; 1600 IP maximum pitching

League Fees and Prizes:

Entry fee: $164.99. I know, why the retail store looking amount?

$150 entry fee per team + $14.99 per team to cover costs of CBS league management ($179.99 total cost).

League Champ = $1500

2nd Place = $300

League fees and prizes are handled through Payments can be made by credit card (there is a very small additional fee for this) or e-bank (free). After the season is over, please go back to the leaguesafe page that you paid through to vote for the final standings. Once the majority of the league has voted to accept the final standings, the prize money will be paid.


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Sorry I'm just now replying to this, but how would the whole money thing work? Like how do I pay and what not?

No problem at all. The league fees are handled through LeagueSafe. You'd have to set up an account on (it's free) and, once you do and if you join my league, I would send you an invite to the league page on LeagueSafe. You would be able to pay with e-Bank (free) or by credit card (slight charge...I think it's about $4). The deadline on payments for my league is 3/31. If you pay after that date, there is a $10 penalty (charged by LeagueSafe...fees do not go into the league prize pool).

After the season is over, my co-commissioner and I will set the payment rules (first place and second place prizes according to standings). To ensure payment is accurate, we set the payment option to majority league vote...meaning that the league members would have to go to the league page on LeagueSafe and vote to approve the payout allocations. Once majority vote is received, LeagueSafe will automatically initiate payment.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to email me at I will happily send you an invite to the league. If you decide to join, I'll send you an invite to LeagueSafe.

Hope this answers your question.

Thanks! Good luck!


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