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3 owners needed.

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5th year IDP, PPR, Franchise Keeper League. We play for true keeps, Champion earns the right to

receive a one of a kind Vince Lombardi Trophy. Most of you who play FF will

never touch the greatest trophy in pro sports, this is your chance to earn one.

Runner up receives a personalized stunning replica of either the Lamar Hunt

Trophy or George S. Halas Trophy, roger goodell is a fool for replacing this

historical trophy for that stupid new silver one. All are truly amazing pieces.

Entry fee can either be from $65-$37. I’m looking for 3 guys who want to play

for something other than money. This is Fantasy Football at its best, so if

this catches your interest, than this league might be for you. I’ve got a strong group of guys, all of who

are ultra competitive.

Open teams are Colts, Raiders and Vikings!

Check out last years 2012 completed season if you have any doubts:

EMAIL ME if you are interested ASAP.

I will give you all the info for the 2013 site once i receive your email. IF you’re

up to the task of going pro, then come to the challenge, come play for something

you will keep for 30+yrs. Either way Good luck to you and your 2013 season!

NFL commish


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So you pick a team and you only have access to the players on that team?

IE pick the Vikings and you'd be starting Ponder, Peterson, Jennings, etc?

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egomaniac247 no no no my friend. lol. please take a look at the rosters bud. you really need to look at the players on each team.

On another note Jason thanks bro, You will not regret your decision. The Colts has a true GM now!

Raiders and Vikings still open!


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VIKINGS still open. you can change logo if thats the problem. entry fee is at $46 but will be cheaper if you join,

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so you only have a roster of 12 players including idp? does that include your bench?

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lawilt that is correct. A total of 12 players, 6 starter + 6 bench.



2WR/TE or any combo of the two




Little room for error. Our members love it. Im sure if you think it thru and try us out, you will too.

Vikings have:

2-Matt Stafford

3-Sam Bradford

4-CJ2K (FA)

12-Knowshon Moreno

1-Brandon Marshall (FA)

6-Mike Wallace

7-Chris Clemons

9-Chris Long

5-Patrick Willis

8-Curtis Lofton

10-Earl Thomas

11-Malcolm Jenkins

You are allowed up to 6keepers(1from each position)

Marshall and CJ2K are coming up on their 3rd yr with the team and will become FA's if you dont use the Franchise tag on 1 of them.

If you choose to use the tag, 4 keeper selections will be forfeited. This leaves you with 2 keeper selections and the Franchise Tag.

The # beside each player is the rd you will give up in our 12 rd draft, if you choose to keep or tag a player.

The ranking is based on total PF, against each other on the Vikings roster.

Our league conducts a snake draft and the Vikings currently have the 7th overall pick in the draft.

All this can be found on the bylaws, and Player Draft Value report!

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