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BK Goldrush

One Open Spot in -14 Team- 5x5 Roto- $100- ESPN

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Looking to fill the final spot in a first year 14 team roto league with a very seasoned and civil individual who is hungry for real competition. One of our owners had to bail ironically when he received the 11th pick in the draft. Including myself every owner has been playing over 10 years and certainly there are many titles amongst the owners. It is a money league and trust me, I know how that goes. Though, I have run many leagues in the past and to ensure a safe/comfortable environment for all parties involved we will be using leaguesafe. It is very easy to use, keeps the league's purse safe, cuts down on the hassle and awkwardness of having to send, hey, you need to pay emails and I have not had one problem with it in many years of use. Top 3 spots get paid out the full entry fee of $1,400 in percentages of 60/30/10. I believe simplicity always makes for a great league so this will be a very standard 5x5 with the exceptions of OBP for BA and QS for W's. The league was supposed to be a 12 man but via a league vote we made it a 14 man league.Once again, the draft order was already set so if you decided to take the spot you would be drafting from the 11th spot. Which in my opinion is not bad at all considering you are able to grab two top twenty guys where as half the league will not.

Here is what it looks like…..

14 Team Roto- 5x5

HR-OBP-R-RBI- OBP has replaced batting average because walks should also have value.

ERA/WHIP/K/QS- QS has replaced wins because relief pitchers can easily be used to just dump on wins and k’s and have a 3 points advantage on pitching. At this time you can just draft sluggers and base stealers. This gives you a very high chance to just dominate in 8-10 cats… In a normal 5x5 that is.

13 Hitters- 11 on the field. 2-U. (4OF’s)

9 Pitchers- Any how you want to set it-

Bench- 6-.

1 DL spot-

Waivers- FAAB- Set three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11 am. Each team has $120 for the year.


Snake Draft- (Live) .March 24th. 9pm- Eastern time.

Money league- $100. Run through league safe to ensure a safe and secure environment for all owners involved.

Payout- Top 3- 60%-30%-10%.

Non Keeper-

Daily league-

Hosted on ESPN..

Please I ask only the very dedicated and seasoned individuals to reply to this post. Prefer individuals in their late 20’s early 30’s and up. Always been one to strive for the best competition so this usually helps in that department. It's my promise to this league not to have all owners with at least 10 years or better. If you are serious, dedicated and not the kind of owner who dumps on the league after a few bad months then please send an email to Also, if you have any questions I would be happy to answer any.

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Thanks for the emails but I really am looking for someone with a strong amount of experience. I know there is someone out there who has played for close to or over 15 years....

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