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Sky E

ReDraft $$ League, Draft Tonight, need 1

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Draft Tonight, 8:45 Pm Est

1 owner failed to make the payment in time, so we need to replace him. Unfortunately the team picks 16th. I am willing to either cover $10 of the $50 buy in (you pay $40), or trade my pick at the 9th position for the 16th. At 16, you do get two of the top 17 players, and back to back picks every time, which really is pretty nice!

ESPN-League's 3rd season

$50 buy in Through LeagueSafe ($40 for you if you stay at 16th draft position)

16 teams (8 make playoffs)

(H2H) each category scoring format- QS instead of wins. Holds and extra base hits

Re Draft-No Keepers

Pays Out: 1st: $480, 2nd: $240, 3rd: $80

We had to replace a few people who couldn't make the draft, but each year the core of owners return. This league is what you are looking for if you want to go against good competition in a no bs environment.

Link to settings:

The new owner joining the league need to be able to upload their deposit to LeagueSafe right away.

If you want in, email me at

I'll be sleeping in a little and on the West Coast, but if you email I'll get you in when I wake up.

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