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Do I take this risk? WHIR

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I was offered Kovalchuk and Vin. Lecavalier for Holtby.

I an 8-1 and will prob be the #1 seed. My problem is that playoffs start 2 mondays from now. I have no idea if either of those guys will be back. I am not too confident playing the 8th seed without both as I already have a bunch of injured guys who may not retun. If I was sure that atleast 1 would be back the first week of playoffs and I would have both for round 2 beyond I would be more intrest. Still I would I like some opions.

ALSO, should I add Chad Johnson for Fippula OR James Wisniewski? Smith may be out longer than expected and Johnson has been great so far. Considering goalies are really valuable I wouldn't want to miss out

16 team h2h points league

C Getzlaf

C Elias

LW Datsyuk

LW Ovi

RW Jagr

RW L. Eriksson

D Beauchamin

D Schultz

D Ehroff

D Piertangelo

BN Selanne

BN Fippula

IR Spezza

IR Wisniewski

G Holtby

G Kipper

BN Hiller

BN Luongo

BN Lindback (don't have another IR)

Goaltenders Stat Category Value Forwards/Defensemen Stat Category Value Wins (W) 4 Losses (L) -2 Goals Against (GA) -1 Saves (SV) 0.2 Shutouts (SHO) 2 Goals (G) 1 Assists (A) 1 Plus/Minus (+/-) 1 Powerplay Goals (PPG) 1 Powerplay Assists (PPA) 0.5 Shorthanded Goals (SHG) 1 Shorthanded Assists (SHA) 1 Game-Winning Goals (GWG) 2 Shots on Goal (SOG) 0.2 Faceoffs Won (FW) .1 Faceoffs Lost (FL) -.1 Hits (HIT) 0.2

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Thanks for answering. I am trying to get him to add Fasth. would that be better?

The full deal would be Fippula, schultz Holtby for Fasth Lecav and Kovalchuk

and if I stand pat is Fippula for Chad Johnson a good drop?

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I really think this is too much of a risk for your team. Those are good players you would be getting back, but Kovalchuk looks to be out 2-4 weeks ( and Lecavalier looks to be out 3 ( Having them miss any time in the playoffs makes this deal not worth it IMO. I also think your goalie situation is fine. I would stick with what has been working all year. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Hope this helps, good luck in playoffs and thanks for the help on mine.

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Have to agree that this is too much of a risk. Doubtful they are back in time. Dropping Filpulla for Johnson I think is worth it in the short term.

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Thanks. I actually dropped Fippula for Shawn Matthias, due to his recent outburts.

The new deal on the table is Eriksson and Holtby for Lecav, Kovalchuck and Fasth. The owner said he will probably keep it on the table until the deadline (4th). He also said he may take Schultz instead of Eriksson, though he isn't sure

Thoughts on this?

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