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Who to stream for FRI/SUN?

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Evening all.. Well i'm currently tied in the 1st round of playoffs and aslong as I keep it tied I win, problem is he's catching me in 3's and now i'm going to have to pickup someone off FA who can provide some 3's for THURS-SUN (FRI & SUN Preferred). Need your opinions on which FA would be the best choice for some 3's. Would be dropping either Wright or Patterson, only have ONE add left for the week.. FA list below, team in sig.. All input appreciated!

Free Agents left to stream on FRI-SUN:

Shane Battier (SG/SF) [FRI/SUN]

Alan Anderson (SG/SF) [FRI/SUN]

C.J. Miles (SG/SF) [FRI/SUN]

Wayne Ellington (SG) [FRI/SUN]

Caron Butler (SF) [FRI/SAT]

Mario Chalmers (PG) [FRI/SUN] *Would have to bench Lawson for him on FRI*

Jordan Crawford (SG/SF) [FRI/SUN]

Gerald Green (SG/SF) [THURS/SAT]

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GREAT my opponent beat me to Chalmers through waivers :( .. who should I pick up instead? Anderson? All input greatly appreciated!

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