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Dynasty Trade help - WHIR

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Greetings gentlemen-

So I've assembled a helluva team over the last 3 years in my dynasty league: 12-team, PPR

I have a guy interested in Jimmy Graham, of course... Here's his offer:

Vernon Davis and Lamar Miller


Jimmy Graham and Pick 11 of my 4 Round Rookie/FA draft

I feel like it is a solid offer, but based on my current RBs, not sure this helps my team. What do you think?

On his team, he also has (of note)

Reggie Bush

CJ Spiller

Julio Jones

Hakeem Nicks

Ryan Mathews

Jeremy Maclin

Matthew Stafford

Perhaps a package where I insist on getting Julio or CJ?

Here's my team:


QB- Cam

RB- Gore

RB- SJax

WR- Fitz

WR- Megatron

TE- Jimmy Graham

FLEX - David Wilson

DST- 49ers

K- Janikowski


QB- Big Ben

RB - Leshoure, Kendall Hunter, Jonathan Stewart

WR- Garcon, Danario Alexander

TE- Gates

K- Prater

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I'd hold on to Jimmy Graham. He's gonna beast it up with Sean Payton back and Vernon Davis always frustrates the hell out of me. I'd try to get Lamar Miller somehow though, because your 2 main RBs are both close to being done.

Check out my topic. I'm not sure who to keep out of Luck, Kaepernick, or Wilson.

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You don't need Lamar

You're giving up best player in deal

And he wants your 1st rd pick


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Yeah. I would reject this too but your RBs are getting older and getting a young RB is a good idea. I like Lamar Miller a lot but Jimmy Graham should get you a better/safer RB. I would package Graham and something and go after CJ.

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Well, you don't have needs. You're solid so resist the urge to make a deal just to scratch an itch. Deal from strength or don't deal.

At some point you're going to want to get younger at RB though but I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it this year. Graham is going to be a stud for many years and is irreplacable. Trading for JJ makes no sense, that loses a top TE and sends Fitz to your bench. Spiller should be the only guy worth landing if he's available.

Packaging Graham and Gore for CJ would be acceptable. CJ is going to explode this year and the next few while Gore is going to get old soon.

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I wouldnt do that deal either. not sure if this would work out but, seeing how he has reggie and you have leshoure, I would offer him leshoure and your 11th overall for lamar miller. gives you good future depth on rb position and helps him out too. is this a must play a te league? if so, grahams value is gigantic. i think ilovearts idea of the gore graham package deal is pretty good, but try to get miller somehow too, maybe same deal but throw in leshoure and u get miller.

so Graham, Gore, Leshore 4 Spiller and Miller. good ryhme time. but if it is a must play TE league, Jimmy is the man this year.

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