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:D $$$$ 35 dollar, Yahoo Auction. 12 team, H2H, Draft is on Sunday 9 est

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If interested please join:

ID# 173541

pw: moneyball


6 Team playoffs

5 x 5

MI and CI added and extra OF spot (more of ESPN standard lineup)

12 teams

60 max acquisitions (limits owners to spot starting all season)

FAAB 150 dollars per team through season

275 dollars will be allotted for the actual draft.

* This is an auction league. Auction will be held on Sunday 9:00 est. That is not a very tentative date. Unless we get overwhelming feedback that , that is a bad date then we will change that, but for now that is the set time. As most of you know auction leagues can take a long time, approx 2-3 hours (I lowered it to 20 seconds per player, from 30, to speed things up a bit), so if this date is bad for you please don't bother joining.

* 35 dollars will be going to the pot for each team, 12 teams. We will not draft with not everybody paid so once leaguesafe invites are sent it would be considerate of you to pay right away or at least inform the league when you will pay on the message board. All the money will go to the pot. We will vote on payouts as a group. So if you are not paid by Sunday there is a good chance you will be cut from league to make room for somebody else who will pay promptly.

* Look at settings here : Make sure you look at everything before you pay. There will be no other changes unless it is consensus from the league. --Please communicate through the message board below.

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