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Expendable starter?

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I'm playing in a 12-team 6x5 (w/OBP) league. It's H2H with a straight up one overall win/loss per week. We have a salary cap, and I'm right up against it. I'm looking to gain some flexibility, and I think the best way I could do it is by dropping one of my starters and picking up a closer with maybe a cheap replacement SP or two.

Here's my lineup:

C- Alex Avila (15.11)($7)

1B- Albert Pujols (1.11)($40)

2B- Ben Zobrist (5.11)($23)

3B- David Wright (3.11)($34)

SS- Asdrubal Cabrera (12.02)($23)

OF- Carlos Gonzalez (2.02)($38)

OF- Matt Holliday (4.02)($27)

OF- Ichiro Suzuki (16.02)($12)

UTIL- Paul Goldschmidt (6.02)($23)

BN-Jackie Bradley ($0)

P- Matt Moore (7.11)($19)

P- Jordan Zimmermann (8.02)($23)

P- Josh Johnson (9.11)($15)

P- Brandon Morrow (10.02)($17)

P- Doug Fister (11.11)($17)

P- Dan Haren (13.11)($19)

P- Brett Anderson (14.2)($13)

BN- Jose Fernandez ($0)

Beyond that I have a mix of free bit players/prospects who I can freely drop for other players.

My question--Who's my most expendable pitcher? I tried trading Dan Haren, but he's garnered no interest, and I actually like Fister and Anderson more as cheap, high-upside alternatives. I'd like to just get rid of him, but I worry it'd come back to haunt me.

I can keep looking for trading options, maybe even for a different pitcher, but I doubt anyone would be interested right off the bat. He's pretty expensive.

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Drop Bradley he is going back to the minors. Also, drop Fernandez as well. What does the WW look like?

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Dropping those two provides me with zero cap relief; both are touted prospects who cost nothing and have full PT for the moment.

I'm in a position where one of my current starters needs to go, either by trade or through waivers.

There are a handful of decent closers on the market. Chisek, Hanrahan, Street. There are some OK pitchers. Parker, Millone, A.J. Griffin.

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