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Ownership Matchups

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Is there a thread that exists where people list offensive players with ridiculous numbers against the opposing starting pitcher each day? It might be helpful for those in leagues where add/drops are free and you are looking to pick up a player with a favorable matchup to plug in at UTL for a day. For example...

Todd Helton faces Tim Hudson today-

Helton is 12-16 in his career against Hudson with 5 doubles and 9 RBI

(I realize Helton might not be playing today because of the forearm strain..I was just providing an example)

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yea, i think this thread is a good idea. I do this some what often since adds are free in my league. I usually have a roster spot for SP streams, but if I am not streaming a pitcher that day I will add a favorable hitter sometimes.

If I see any I will post here

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