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Richard Kimble

Pickup Shelby Miller or Ryu w #1 claim?

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Just drafted the team in sig, I smoked this draft, and my $9 left over was $1 more than the 2nd best while the rest were dollar store shopping at the end. I got all my real steals at the end, and probably would only not buy Josh Hamilton if I could redo it.

So who do I use the #1 claim on?

Here are a few other options, but it's pretty obvious to me, just wanted to start a debate, really.

Also we have NA spots, and Jurickson Profar is on WAs; so I could assure myself his services as well, but the other players I could argue for are:

Carlos Ruiz; 2 CA format, always good to have depth, can occupy NA spot a few days;

Billy Hamilton; for the same reason as profar;

Jose Fernandez; Jim Henderson

I'm basically looking at Miller because of the overall upside. Any arguments on Ryu's behalf? He's certainly looked good, and I'm assuming Miller to be on a rough 175 IP limit.

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With the pitching you drafted, I would go with Miller. Why not take a chance on a kid with a ton of upside who is already in the majors pitching well? Your staff is loaded already so stashing him won't hurt you.

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