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May SP Rankings

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What do you guys think of the rankings on the home page? Here are my thoughts

Just Right

-Wainwright (perfect at #5)

-Darvish (some might argue as high as 5 right now)

-Strasburg (not the phenom he's hyped up to be)

Too High

-Jon Lester (Good, but not top 20 good)

-Anibal Sanchez (ditto)

Too Low

-Jordan Zimmermann (He's elite, save for the K's. Matt Cain 2.0)

-Matt Cain (He'll bounce back. Track record is too good)

-Matt Harvey (can't think of 10-12 pitchers I'd rather have right now)


1. Clayton Kershaw

2. Justin Verlander

3. Felix Hernandez

4. Cole Hamels

5. Adam Wainwright

6. Madison Bumgarner

7. Yu Darvish

8. Stephen Strasburg

9. Cliff Lee

10. Gio Gonzalez

11. David Price

12. Matt Cain

13. Matt Moore

14. James Shields

15. Max Scherzer

16. Jon Lester

17. Matt Harvey

18. Matt Latos

19. Jordan Zimmermann

20. Anibal Sanchez

21. CC Sabathia

22. Jeff Samardzija

23. Kris Medlen

24. Chris Sale

25. RA Dickey

26. Clay Bucholz

27. Hiroki Kuroda

28. Alex Cobb

29. Zach Greinke

30. Yovani Gallardo

31. Hyun Jun Ry

32. Mike Minor

33. Jeff Weaver

34. Lance Lynn

35. Jake Peavye

36. Tommy Milone

37. Jonny Cueto

38. Dan Haren

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I would take Yu at 3rd after Kershaw and Verlander.

Tom Milone also shouldn't be in the same neighborhood as these guys at the end.

I am still skeptical of Jon Lester too. He's always had mediocre WHIPS even in his good years.

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I don't think Anibal is overrated. Maybe 5 spots at the most which isn't so drastic considering how jacked that list is. I think people just forgot about him in Miami pitching behind Josh Johnson. He's been very consistent, eats innings, has above average K ratio, and rarely gets pounded. His command has been excellent thus far, he's pitching on a better ballclub, and his fastball velocity is up (hence they've allowed high pitch counts). Could be the year he puts it all together, with the WHIP under 1.20, 8K/9, and challenges for 17+ wins. I'm a buyer.

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