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New League ***VERY ACTIVE***

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Hello all,

I am making a new league, and there are some spots available in it. I am

looking for only the very best owners who know how to use proboards and

are respectful. This league is only for owners who are active year

round on the chatbox and are totally into the game. BUT, I do not want

people who are so immersed in the game that they actively try to hurt or

annoy other owners. This league is only for the best owners, so if that

is not you, please don't post here. If you think you are good enough to

be in this league, post below AND email me at

And no, I won't tell you the link to the proboards or to espn because I don't want people to post random things on the chatbox.

Also, info about the league: This will be it's first year (randomized

snake draft), and it is a 20 team league that uses nba contracts. 5

keepers, h2h 9 cats scoring.

email (again):



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