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10 team, 3rd Year Keeper League Needs One Replacement Owner

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I'm looking for one replacement owner in my keeper league that's going into it's 3rd year. You'll be taking over a pretty good team with players like Aaron Rodgers, Percy Harvin, Jordy Nelson, Dez Bryant, Ryan Matthews, and Reggie Bush. The only thing is, you keep four players per year, but no more than two at the same position. That means no more than two RBs or WRs can be kept. Draft pick trading is allowed. So check out the settings and team and let me know by replying to this post with your email and I'll send you an invite. I'm only looking for someone who's going to be active AND most importantly in it for the long haul. I don't want someone who will be a one-and-done player if you lose. Anyway the links to both the team and league settings are below.



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