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Grandslam Invitational salary and contract league needs 2 replacements

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Grandslam Invitational - needs 2 replacements - free league.

Proboards site - League rules

1ST open team

Dreads of steel

MLB roster -

AAA roster -

AA roster -

A roster -

Augliera Mike

Berrios Jose

Buttrey Ty

Callahan Jamie

Correa Carlos

Haley Justin

Johnson Brian

Kraus Kyle

Maddox Austin

Minnich Nathan

2nd open team

Batman the dark knight

MLB roster -

AAA roster -

AA roster -

A roster -

Almora Albert

Baltz Jeremy

Cecchini Gavin

Coulter Clint

Diekroeger Kenny

Edwards Spencer

Johnson Pierce

Jones Zach

Olson Matt

Taylor Chuck

If you have interest email me at

league salary cap is at $135 mil.

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