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Who wants to go Balls Deep?

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Mike Clay's piece GOING DEEP, "Deepen Your Starting Lineup" is the bible for this leagues settings. You can read the piece here: http://www.rotoworld...starting-lineup. The only setting I was unable to match from the article was 1.5ppr for only TE's. Close enough for government work!

Some key features:

  • 20 round draft!
  • Currently (6/22) we have 4 enrolled.
  • $60 entry fee 100% payout through
  • Starting Lineup: 12 - 1 Quarterback, 3 Running Backs, 5 Wide Receivers, 2 Tight Ends, 1 QB/RB/WR/TE Flex
  • Scoring: Passing (4 pt/TD, -2 pt/INT, 1 pt/33 yards). Rushing/Receiving (1pt/10 yards, 6 pt/TD. 1pt PPR. Fumbles (-1pt each). Kick/Punt Return TD (6 pts each). Two-point conversion (2 pts).

You can check out the league here:

Why Out of all the free NFL sites, they could best match the settings from the article. I've played on Yahoo, ESPN, MFL and CBS, but never played on before. However, I was very surprised by the customizability.

If you're interested in joining email me at

One more thing.....

As of right now, I have the league set to no waiver wire. Meaning, no one has to wait to add/drop players, and that includes during all games. I played this way once on Yahoo, and it was really fun! First Come first Serve (FCFS) is what its called I think. Now I understand this is mahem to some, and I'm totally willing to use a waiver wire like normal, but I am trying to get guys into the idea. If I can't though, we'll use a waiver wire. I do not want to muck up this cool format first and foremost. :)

My thoughts on no wire...

I think those against no waiver wire, think it gives a clear advantage to those sitting in front of the computer, but no one can make many more decisions than everyone else, and come out ahead. Dropping the wrong guy can screw you too. Smart decisions still rule at the end of the day, you just have the ability to make them all day any day. Being 20 rounds deep I wonder if that won't curb add/dropping too, or at least cut the value of an add down being as we're all starting a hefty 12 player

If you're interested in joining or not, feel free to voice your opinion on no wire, I love to hear others opinions.


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