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BK Goldrush

Early Start- 16 Team League.

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As the title states, I am well aware that it is incredibly early to even start think about fantasy basketball. Even more so considering the finals ended only a few weeks ago. Having said all this, it has been through many years of experience that I feel, if you want to recruit the best leagues, looking for owners early usually makes for a much more competitive season. The kind of owners that are willing to open up discussions and consider leagues in July are very serious and competitive owners. That is exactly what I am trying to compile for an inaugural H2H category league for the upcoming season. As it stands I have about four to nine solid owners who are definitely in, like myself they have been playing at least 5 years or better. I kindly ask that if you have not been playing this long that you respectfully do not respond to this post, with all due respect. Looking to put together 16 teams in a snake draft format using the following scoring categories:

Points- Assists- Rebounds- FGP%- FTP% -3PT%-3PM- Blocks- Steals- a**/TO's-Double Doubles. Here are the full settings for the league:

Free agency will be based on FAAB and will run three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. $100 per team budget.

This will be a pretty decent amount of $125 per owner and prizes will be paid out to the top three in percentages of 60/30/10. Also, the top team in their division will earn $150. The money will be secured by league safe, I feel that's the most efficient source for holding the leagues purse. Obviously it is way too early for any type of money to be deposited at this point. Once again I just ask that your verbal commitment is a solid one and when the league gets rolling you kindly keep your word.

Trading will be based on a football like challenge system where each team has one challenge per year. If they feel the trade is extremely lopsided or collusive(which in my 10 years of running leagues, I can confidently say has never happened), then they are allowed to option the trade up for review by the league. If half the league deems the trade unworthy or worth, then it is so. That owner will then lose his challenge for the remainder of the year. Trades will be instantly transacted otherwise.

Draft- Snake draft as of now, though, the league will vote on this matter when it is filled. Would like to draft as close to opening day as possible, which opens on Tuesday, the 28th of October this year. I am thinking of drafting on Sunday, the 26th at 9pm eastern time. Draft positions will be determined by fftoolbox random draft generator one month before, so teams can get ample time for research.

Roster wise there will be only six starters per night and six more on the bench to complete the roster total at 12. It will consist of 1pg/1sg/1sf/1pf/1c/1u- Please do not overlook this. It may seem small but with 16 teams I assure you it is not a shallow league by any means. All rosters are to be set daily. There will be a maximum of 38 games per week so the unbalanced schedule of the NBA does not make it impossible for all teams to be on a level playing field every week. All teams will have one DL spot in which that team will have 24 hours to either activate that player or drop after his first start.

Keepers- Each team will have to keep a mandatory amount of six players for the upcoming season. This does not have to be compliant with each position, any combination of six will do.

Playoffs- Six teams- The four teams who win their division will enter the playoffs. Also, the two other owners with the best records after will receive a playoff birth.

Once again I ask only the most seasoned and successful owners to respond. I know it sounds d-baggish or arrogant, though, I truly am only trying to compile the most competitive owners, who will bring it at a high level. Please send any emails of interest or questions Adding a little background history in your email would really help to gain a sense of experience so it's easier to base a decision.

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